It's hard to put a price on finding an employee that will precisely fit and mature at the same speed as your business. That employee who can be shaped and molded into that missing piece of your team who will propel your business into the future. Here at Truepear, we take the guess work out of the process and provide you with exactly that: candidates who are the missing piece for your business.

All of our "per position" packages follow a similar process.  We'll take the candidates you provide and apply our multifaceted algorithm.  The output of our analysis will be provided to you with a PDF report which includes:


  • CORDS Wave for employees and manager
  • Combined CORDS Wave for department
  • Sorted list of candidates in compatibility order
  • Top 20 candidates' CORDS Wave including special interest
  • Remaining candidates with CORDS Wave
  • Summary sheets
  • Streamlined interview section for Top 20 candidates
  • Price


  • $695


  • $845


  • $995

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