How do I get started?

- For entry level candidates: Fill out the Entry Level Candidate form and we will email you instructions on how to complete your registration with Truepear. It's that easy!

- For employers: Fill out the Company form and we will contact you to discuss how we can meet your needs of filling a position.

Who can use this service?

For now, we are concentrating our efforts on companies looking to fill entry level positions located in the greater Philadelphia area. This includes all nation wide graduates looking at making Philadelphia their home as well.

What value would Truepear add to my business?

Our services are beneficial to all companies, but especially smaller companies who have limited resources and are unable to rummage through hundreds of resumes.

As a company using your service, what can I expect?

After submitting your information, we'll set up a meeting with you to discuss your employment needs. We'll assess your corporate culture, and begin searching our database for compatible candidates. The hiring manager will receive a manageable list of candidates to start the interviewing process.

As a candidate using your service, what can I expect?

After submitting your information, we'll contact you for your education and professional background, as well as provide you with a work culture assessment form. After completing both, you will be added to our database of candidates. You will then be contacted regarding any potential matches.

What if I'm seeking employment outside the greater Philadelphia area?

We are currently focused on supporting the greater Philadelphia area, however we hope to be expanding soon. Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

What if I am an experienced candidate not looking for an entry level position?

We are always looking to expand and help individuals who are not just looking for entry level positions. First, we would need to build a database of individuals with your experience level. To aid in this, we ask that you go to the Experienced Candidate page and enter your information. When we receive enough traffic of individuals with your needs, we can begin finding lasting careers.

How much does this service cost?

For individuals seeking employment, our service is free. If you are a company looking to expand you business and would like to explore the options we offer, please contact us to discuss pricing.

What if I want to discontinue service from Truepear?

If you would like your information removed from our database, you can simply fill out a quick form here.