What value would Truepear add to my business?

Our services are beneficial to all companies, large or small. By using Truepear service, we provide value to our clients by saving them the time from rummaging through hundreds of resumes and offering them a manageable list of candidates. Check out our Service and Analytics pages to get more details on the fundamental CORDS and the value they add to the hiring process, as well as how time consuming and expensive it can be to hire (and ultimately part with) the wrong candidate.


Who can use this service?

If you have a stack of resumes and don't want to rifle through them or more importantly, you would like to match/compare the candidates to your current employees based on soft skills, this service is for you.


Are there different levels of your service?

Currently we are offering basic “per use” packages focused on helping companies with a list of potential candidates or resumes for a specific position.  We will provide a report listing the potential candidates in descending order based on their fit in the department of the company that is hiring.  Take a look at our Getting Started page for more details, including pricing.


As a company using your service, what can I expect?

After submitting your information, we'll follow up with you to discuss your specific needs and product offerings that suit them. We'll assess the fundamental CORDS of your department that is hiring by reaching out to each employee as well as the manager. We’ll build your profile and put it through our multifaceted algorithm with each candidate. The hiring manager will receive a report sorted in order by the fit of each candidate to start the interviewing process.


How much does this service cost?  

If you are a company looking to expand your business and would like to explore the options we offer, please visit the Getting Started page to explore the different packages and pricing to see what will work for you.


How do I get started?

For businesses with a list of resumes looking to fill a position with the perfect candidate, head over to our Getting Started page.  Fill out the form and we will reach out to discuss how we can meet your needs of filling a position.