Truepear was founded in 2017 by Bob Baiocchi, and is dedicated to bringing together the right talent with companies where they fit.  Bob has an Electrical Engineering degree from Widener University where he graduated with honors and has earned Dean's list merit.  After graduating, he worked in various industries over the years including insurance, engineering, sales, and new construction and has experienced numerous variations of the interview and hiring process.   From being grilled on hard skills and panel interviews, to taking personality quizzes after accepting employment.  One thing always rang true; none of those instances took soft skills and cultural fit into account up front if at all.  Instead it was consistently a long and arduous process for both the company and candidate, and only really took a partial look at what will make a candidate and company pair successful.   

The Vision

If you’ve ever been in the position of finding new associates or employees, then you’re aware of how daunting a task it can be. For job-seekers, the task of finding gainful employment is equally frustrating. You submit your CV to one of the many career building websites available and hope that someone thinks you have the skills for the job based on a single sheet of paper. But what if companies were able to choose a candidate based on other skills, as well? The skills that end up on the cutting room floor when it’s time to write a resume could impact your business in an influential and positive way.

People aren’t machines, and picking a candidate based on what they can do without taking into account of who they are is a lose-lose situation for everyone. Without taking personality and corporate culture into consideration, employee productivity declines and turnover increases.