Why the "Truepear" Name?

Althought they weren't aware of it at the time, our qualified staff initially ventured out with one common objective: to establish a company specializing in job placement, and more importantly, establishing healthy and prosperous relationships within the office environment. When working through the developmental phases, Truepear resonated deeply with members of our team because of it's simplistic nature while being simultaneously stressing the true purpose of what our headquarters is striving to achieve.

Hiring Challenges

Antiquated Process  
Currently, the recruitment process relies heavily on the technical requirements and keywords that appeal to an employer and the position being filled.  Those keywords are then tagged and used as a pivot point to search through thousands of resumes that reside on the web.  The keywords that candidates place in their resumes are picked up by the software companies and return the list.  However, there is a flaw in this process because the system can be manipulated by candidates allowing the software to choose them based on ONLY the keywords they’ve chosen to place on their resume.

No current system allows employers to evaluate the candidates based on the compatibility between the employees and the potential candidates.  Truepear accomplishes this all while keeping anonymity between the hiring manager and the candidates naturally allowing for an unbiased selection leading to a more diverse workplace.

Time vs Value
Managers, Owners, Executives are extremely busy, not allowing enough time to focus on the hiring process.  Truepear benefits company executives enabling time to focus on managing and growing their business while our algorithm creates an easily read report of candidates you provided in compatibility order.  This allows you to reenter the process with the critical information you need to choose the optimum candidate to propel your business forward all while not neglecting the important process that precedes the interview.

 Source:  Glassdoor economic research.  based on anonymous u.s. interview reviews submitted to glassdoor between January 1 and june 13, 2017.

Source:  Glassdoor economic research.  based on anonymous u.s. interview reviews submitted to glassdoor between January 1 and june 13, 2017.

The Vision

At Headquarters, we firmly challenge the traditional and misguided pairing strategies that companies have previously used when searching for the most suitable individual to fill a vacancy.  The existing job search entails companies soliciting resumes from employment search engine sites based on job description (hard skills), asking for referrals, or hiring a headhunter.  In all three scenarios the ominous responsibility falls on the company's shoulders to ultimately select the best candidate for the job. 

Truepear will revolutionize the hiring process by matching the candidate to the company based on traits and intrinsic qualities in addition to professional requirements.

Our Solution

At Truepear, we take the hiring process very serious... as serious as finding a life partner or mate.  To put things in perspective; when evaluating a candidate for a $50,000/year position, one should consider it a $500,000 investment ($50,000 over 10 years) for the company - plus benefits of course.

There are thousands of “Pears” between qualified professionals and potential employers all across the world and we've created an algorithm to assist companies find potential candidates.  Truepear doesn't tell you exactly which professional to select, we narrow the pool down to a manageable list and you take it from there.  You still have ultimate control over who you select; however, we've provided you with a list detailing the most compatible of the employee-employer relationship relative to your particular company or department.

Changing Employment

The employees are the true building blocks of a company's personality; company culture is becoming more and more popular especially for the millennial generation.  With the Baby Boomers entering retirement, the day is coming when the millennials will make up the majority of our workforce.  This is why we need to apply alternative methods to incorporate culture into the hiring process by using our Truepear algorithm.